Gill Harper

In Gill's Words,

My intention is to inspire.

Yoga to me means being present in the moment. Yoga has taught me to slow

down, in nature nothing is rushed and yet everything is accomplished!

My inspiration is my Grandmother, from a tender age watching her do “her

stretches” fascinated me. As a ballerina in my youth flexibility felt natural and I

was drawn to the mat.

I have 2 styles of teaching. I am alignment oriented and guide a gentle flow

which feels divine as we stretch and let go. Yoga for athletes creates heat in the

body with the intention to loosen tight hips and hamstrings enabling us to

perform better in our sport.

My happy place is on my mat, I honor my practice by creating a calm, inviting,

safe space encouraging everyone to step lightly on the earth. The smile you send

out always returns to you.

Yoga is not about adding something to make yourself better, it’s about removing

everything that gets in the way of your true self.


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