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YOGALATES | THE BEAUTY ABOUT COMBINING YOGA AND PILATES IS... that they require concentration, consistent practice and awareness to improve your breathing pattern, align your posture, strengthen the body from inside-out, improve blood circulation, aid digestion and help melt daily tension. Pilates is your strength training and Yoga is your flexibility training.

While yoga focuses on releasing tightness in the hip area and increase mobility in your spine, Pilates requires stabilization, minimal movement and deep core control. Not only do they both complement and contribute to improving your muscle tone, they both build on your coordination, balance skills and help cure an achy lower back. So as you stretch your tendons, you also strengthen the legs and open the shoulders and upper back. While soothing the lower back, you also massage the neck and shoulder blades. While stretching the sides of your body you are also toning the obliques that support the structure of your lower back.

At Yogalates, we focus on a number of chest opening postures, build on stamina, strength, core stability, functional movement, back care and exercise therapeutics to allow for more freedom in your body. You will learn how to build strong abs and move your spine through its full range of motion with grace and ease to support and ensure that your posture doesn’t collapse through daily wear and tear. The lateral bends elongate the sides of your waist and massage the lower back. The gentle twists decompresses your spine, increasing the space between the vertebrae and align both sides of your body equally. The chest-opening exercises and forward bends, followed by twists and side bends provide full flexion and extension of the torso and reduces pressure from the lumbar nerve endings. You will also work on different gluteals actions to increase hip mobility and improve your upright posture.

Our Yogalates sessions are held in the refreshing pool side terrace at Fraser Suites Dubai next to The Greens, Dubai Media City and TECOM to encourage fresh air into your lungs and leave you walking away feeling energized, stronger and with a new sense of space in your spine, heart and mind!


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