Life'n one

Life’n One is a life centre and cafe, an urban retreat and a place to revitalize your mind, body and soul.

With the help of our well-experienced instructors and the community that we have built we strive to ensure the wellness of everyone in todays fast paced lifestyle.

Life’n One encourages you to listen to your inner-self for guidance as to how live your life.

At Life’n One, we focus on balancing the harmony between body mind and soul by offering a retreat from the city where you can sample healthy organic food at our beautiful cafe, enjoy a yoga, pilates or meditation class with our professional instructors, book a workshop with our in house team of experienced life coaches and healers or attend a life-changing workshop with our world renowned visiting practitioners.

Our passion and dedication to bring positive change to people’s lives means we are continuously honing our skills to find more people to join our community.

Everyone from Life‘n One’s community will help you explore your joyful potential. Every person is given one life that has different paths; we’re aiming to help you explore and enjoy this journey with happiness, joy and freedom.

+971 56 534 2899


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