The Hundred Wellness Centre

The Hundred Wellness Centre Dubai is here to help you achieve your best, strongest self in a beautiful, peaceful surrounding. From private and group Pilates classes in our fully-equipped Dubai Pilates studios, to our state-of-the-art Super Circuit room for those who prefer a little more punch to their workouts. Here at The Hundred we are proud to work with the very best experts, providing our clients with physiotherapy, homeopathy, body composition analysis, and wellness workshops. Guests can also pass by to pick up a post-workout cold-pressed juice, check out the weekly organic market or indulge in one of our speciality coffees in partnership with The Espresso Lab.

Practiced throughout the world for thousands of centuries, Yoga provides a complete mind-body exercise, combining challenging stretching body formations with controlled breathing and total relaxation. Studies have shown that Yoga can help individuals to reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve their total well-being.

The benefits from practicing yoga are endless, but some of the key advantages include increase in flexibility, improvements in posture, increase in muscle strength, it protects your spine and bones and increases blood flow – which is detoxifying and amazing for your general wellness.

A yoga class a day keeps the doctor away! Join us and discover how yoga can change your life.

To find out more or to book your spot in a class call on 04 344 7333.


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