Stephanie Mulet

Stephanie, an Australian currently living in Dubai since 2008 decided to start teaching Yoga after becoming passionate for the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice and felt the need to share this passion with others.

Growing up as dancer and performing on the stage from when she was 5 years old she always had a love for flowing and stretching movements. She specialized in Contemporary dance, which is a very expressive form and found a lot of the movements are similar to Yoga. Today she finds her Yoga practice more fulfilling than dancing as it’s more of a personal relationship with the body and by practicing the poses with awareness she finds it is a meditation in motion, lighting up the unconscious areas of the mind and body.

Practicing Yoga for over 10 years she decided to study Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with ETA college in Dubai at the start of 2014 after realizing working in the corporate world was not fulfilling enough for her anymore. By gaining a deeper understanding of Yoga in her training, Stephanie has gathered the knowledge to teach it to others in a caring environment that’s easy for everyone to learn and understand. She provides a fun and friendly class, taking the time to make adjustments for correct alignment in each pose. She pushes her students to practice to their full capabilities, helping them to achieve their goals.

Not just focusing on the physical aspects she encourages her students to look inwards and start to find the peace and tranquility within themselves, leaving her students calm and refreshed.

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