Kim Aguilar Danoher

Kim Aguilar Danoher is a yoga junkie from South Africa with a passion for people, community and movement. She was first introduced to yoga in 2005 by her landlady, a 74 year old yoga instructor and an inspirational figure in her life.

Spending the next 4 years in Europe, her life revolved around travel, corporate experience and finding her next Yoga class! Experiencing the positive effect that Yoga was contributing towards her health, fitness and happiness, she returned to South Africa in 2009 with one clear goal in mind -to complete her Sivananda Hatha Teacher Training Certification (2010) and share this transformative practice.

Arriving in Dubai in 2011, she has been a constant presence at Open Air Yoga Dubai, assisting and teaching the Yoga and AcroYoga sessions every Friday. During this time she has attended numerous trainings, in particular two AcroYoga immersions in Palestine, to focus on Yoga, Acrobatic and Thai Massage training.

In 2013 she joined Phoenix Rising, having completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification and travelled through Asia where she completed her Traditional Thai Massage Certification at Lahu Village, Chiang Mai. She was fortunate enough to experience Yoga communities in Singapore and Bali and to spend 6 weeks introducing AcroYoga to yoga communities in South Africa.

Kim’s passion is to inject health, happiness and harmony into Dubai living.

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