Kate Broad


Kate began her yoga journey 16 years ago and has trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, in Goa, India and with Yoga Alliance. Over the past 4 years, Kate has taught yoga to private clients in Dubai, Monaco, London, Russia, The Caribbean and Sri Lanka.

Kate is also a qualified primary school teacher which led her to train with ‘Yoga at School’ in 2012. She has worked bringing yoga and mindfulness into children’s schools and homes in central London, and now Dubai.

Kate is passionate about sharing yoga with people of all ages, particularly children and teens. She believes in the benefits that yoga can bring to children, especially its ability to help with their concentration, calmness and confidence. She hopes one day that yoga will be integrated into all of our schools and medical systems as a tool to help everyone cope with the physical and emotional pressures of modern day life.

As well as her passion for assisting infants discover yoga, Kate thoroughly enjoys helping adults cultivate their own yoga practice. She believes strongly that yoga can bring positive improvements to all that experience it and thoroughly enjoys working with both groups and individuals. Kate has a lighthearted, playful and gentle teaching approach.

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