Phoenix Rising

We at Phoenix Rising believe in helping you back to life. Inspired by the ancient mythical firebird, we understand that life is made better by fresh thinking and new beginnings. And that health and happiness are there to be grasped by finding inner balance, and channelling our energies in positive ways. With a fusion of expert teaching, workshops and therapies nourished under the Dubai sun, we will help reawaken your mind, body and soul, reconnecting you with your true nature – and your true potential.

No matter who you are and where you are, natural wellbeing and balance are within your reach, it’s your very nature. Wellbeing is for everyone –from those who are injured to athletes, from young to old, from stay at home parents to executives. And for individual and small groups, we can even bring positive energy to you: at home, at school, at the office –and at the park.

Living, working, training and practicing in the UAE gives us a unique perspective. By understanding the Emirates and its people, we’ve developed programmes designed around you and what you want from life. Having worked in corporate environments for both local and multinational organisations, we understand the pressures of a fast-paced and stressful corporate environment and the benefit that holistic treatments from Phoenix Rising can bring –from stress management, building rapport and team relations, improved concentration and awareness or even just establishing a sense of calm at the workplace or home.

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