1000 Petaled Lotus

1000 Petaled Lotus is a Yoga academy specialized in teacher training, our aim is to train compassionate, honest and impactful yoga instructors who will create a new bench marks for the industry, all of our yoga teacher training programs are recognized by Yoga alliance US and accredited by the UAE Reps Dubai.

One of the most satisfying things is witnessing positive transformation in people’s lives, this is at the core of our mission statement. Our aim is to create health awareness by introducing our community to the benefits of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and proper lifestyle habits.

Our Team: Kasi, Tony & Maya are wellness & fitness experts who came together to create a healing environment for your mind, body & soul. Their background is Yoga, ThetaHealing & Ayurveda, and they have a deep understanding that we are in this existence to master both the body and the mind. If you are seeking to improve your health, wellbeing & master peace, 1000 Petaled Lotus will guide you on that path.


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