Luxury Yoga Retreat Austria

June 25th – 30th 2017

This Eid, we’re taking you to the heart of Austria where you can indulge in 6 days of pure Yoga & Meditation in the beautiful Tyrolean Alps!

Detox, destress & lose weight in our special Yoga Retreat of the year in Austria! Surround yourself with nature and take the break that you’ve waited for so long.

This 6-day program will teach you the correct and diverse methodologies of Yoga tailored by Yoga masters over centuries. Get acquainted with the yoga routines and wellness programs which suit your lifestyle. This retreat will introduce you to the authentic form of Yoga and the know-hows of correct postures, the correct way to breathe and the dynamics of meditation. This retreat is also great for those who are overweight and feel unhealthy, but who are still able to follow a moderate exercise regime.

We’ll be staying at HOTEL & SPA KLOSTERBRÄU, SEEFELD IN TIROL on an all-inclusive basis – waking up to the beautiful mountain views, following a rhythmic YOGA routine, trekking excursions and indulging in Organic food.

Contact Us: 0552223542 or Email: Or visit the Lifestyle Yoga website.

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