Menie Pagomenakis - therapy for children through fusion of Yoga and Speech & Language therapy

Menie Pagomenakis is a certified Dubai Department of Health (DHA), ASHA Speech and Language Pathologist and Kids Yoga Instructor. Menie has over ten years experience working with children who have articulation disorders, language delays and disorders, stuttering and social pragmatic delays and autism disorders. She has had great success in her therapeutic intervention program by incorporating play and sensory activities. Menie has realized that many children do not respond to conventional therapy which often leaves the children and their parents feeling helpless and powerless. Her therapy approach fuses Yoga and Speech & Language therapy, a shift from the conventional 'one size fits all' therapy approach. Yoga Speech and Language therapy, is a holistic therapeutic approach, which nourishes a child's cognitive, language, social and physical development. Menie provides individual Yoga Speech & Language therapy, as well as small group Yoga Language & Social enrichment sessions.

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