Tegan Fern

Tegan completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training in beautiful Bali having previously practiced the two over the past 10 years. She originally discovered yoga whilst studying her Bachelors Degree in Dance and Culture at University in the U.K and fell in love with the calmness and clarity yoga brought to her daily life. She has a strong belief that yoga can be used as a therapy to nurture the body whilst building strength and flexibility, releasing any anxiety and stress her clients may carry around with them. In addition to Yoga, Tegan is an established Primary School Teacher where she has been able to incorporate yoga and mindfulness to pupils in her schools. Along with her passion for wellness, she has always been drawn to a healthy lifestyle. Expect an uplifting class full of delicious stretches and modernised yoga flows, leaving you feeling revitalized.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/teganhaff/

Website: www.teganfern.com

Email: teganhaff@googlemail.com

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