The Big Still - Yin & Meditation with Amanda at Urban Yoga, Dec 9, 2017

Let's take this opportunity, in our Dubai world of hard work and technology overload, to ask ourselves: "How am I doing?"

Even when we are still... our mind and body are busying away... bringing our attention to the inner workings of being, can create calm.

In this time together, we will use slow & simple movements to arrive into the stillness of a yin shape. From here, we settle in to witness the buzzing of the mind, the flickering of the physical body. With our attention and acceptance, we can attempt to let go and bask in the art of effortlessness. From working with the yin shapes, with this unravelling, we then take to a guided meditation. Sitting and breathing in Loving Kindness. This is an ALL LEVEL afternoon.

Regular practitioners, this is an opportunity to step back and "re-mind'

Beginners, the perfect time to introduce yourself to Mindfulness Amanda has recently taken a step back to reflect on what Yoga is for her. Diving into the world of Mindfulness, Meditation, Acceptance and Philosophy her journey has taken a turn to where she could not have dreamed of! Come and share in this curious place of connecting with oneself and in turn others.


Oct 20th: 12.30 - 3.00pm

Dec 9th: 1.00 - 3.30pm


Regular price: 200 dhs (per session)

Early-birds (payment before Oct 1st): 150 dhs

Early-birds (payment before Nov 15th): 150 dhs

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