Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Certification Daily Master Classes at Naya Yoga & Pilates - November 8,9,1

Time: 12 - 2:30

Investment: AED 200 per class or

AED 1085 for all 6

Day 1 - Total Body Tune Up This class introduces dozens of preparatory dynamic warm-ups that serve to tune up awareness, range of motion, and uncovering areas of weakness or kinetic disconnect. Explore every major joint of the shoulders, hips and spine to build a repertoire of conscious connected movement from top to bottom and inside out. Day 2 - Hips Focus/Triangle Tune Up This class disassembles Triangle and Twisted Triangle poses and deeply analyzes hip range of motion from every conceivable angle. If these poses have been a bugaboo in the past, this class will clarify where your hips may need some extra attention. Class also includes deep core work. Day 3 - Shoulder Focus towards Down Dog Break down Down Dog before your Dog has a breakdown. Shoulder mobility, or lack thereof, can create multiple obstacles for doing this pose efficiently and harmoniously. Learn dozens of new shoulder tactics to improve this pose for the long-term while "un-tacking" trouble spots in the shoulder girdle. Day 4 - Restorative Hips Day Learn a profoundly relaxing sequence that restores motion and length to the entire hip joint. Reclaim your hips with this stealth sequence that unglues even the most reluctant of joints to become nimble, supple and supportive. Bonus pranayama sequences also assure rejuvenating deep rest. Day 5 - Core and Spinal Rotation This class explores the roots of total spinal rotation. Core musculature will be toned and lengthened from every vector. Your spine will learn to relate better to the pelvis for safe and connected twists from root to crown. Day 6 - Core and Backbend A spine prepares for backbends by understanding its own coordination, mobilization and limitations. This class digs through layers of core musculature to help you connect with the innermost abdominals to improve your performance of every category of backbend.

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