Awakening Shakti 200hr YTT – Bali, Indonesia with Yogafirst Summer 2018

Awakening Shakti’ is Yogafirst's new 200hr YA certified course with a unique, female energy focus including Himalayan Kriya Yoga and Womb Yoga and an in-depth study of the female energy principles and cycles of life (Maha Vidyas). This course will rewrite the rules of 200 hour courses focusing on womanhood and empowering women in a non commercial setting with a supportive and nurturing approach.

We will also be offering a yoga immersion (retreat option) for women from 16th-24th August of particular benefit to existing 200hr Yoga Graduates who would like to take their yoga practice deeper in a restorative and relaxing setting.

We are also offering a collaboration with humanistic Wood School Bali for children aged 4-11 from 830-3pm Monday-Friday for those of you interested to bring your child with them.

Our full 4 minute video and info pack is available now!


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