Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka with Gill Harper - March 25

Step away from the world and immerse in yoga and meditation in the nature and on the beach watching the sun, effortlessly bringing calm and serenity to your mind and soul, during your special yoga & Ayurveda retreat at Barberyn Reef with Gillian Harper. Your Ayurvedic treatments at Barberyn will be complimented with your yoga practice twice daily. Gill’s energizing morning vinyasa flow will awaken divine powerful energy of the spirit with a deeply connected consciousness to each movement, within each moment. No two classes are ever a like. Evening yin yoga will be a quiet and simple practice encouraging stillness to calm and balance your mind, increase circulation and improve flexibility while encouraging fascial release, deeper relaxation and healing. Stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system as you breathe fresh air that refreshes your internal organs and clears negative thought patterns for a blissful soul energized with positive vibes. Gill is a respected vinyasa and yin yoga teacher. Combining her love for yoga and her gentle compassionate nature, she connects with her students on a deep, sacred energy level. Practicing yoga for over 15 years, Gill has worked as a certified yoga teacher since 2013 teaching at international yoga festivals, runs her own studio and hosts classes/events with Lululemon Middle East.

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