Rock Your Soul with Natasha at Naya Yoga & Pilates - Feb 9

An infusion of yoga & meditation that will make your soul light up and leave you feeling alive and shining bright! This workshop has been carefully crafted to bring about a sense feeling connected and alive from within by letting go of unwanted energy blocks and stagnation, releasing what is no longer serving you and lifting you up by brightening your inner spark. During this workshop you will be intuitively led by Natasha through a practice that explores many elements of yoga including vinyasa flow, traditional meditations, moving meditations and yin. This weaving together of practices has developed naturally through Natasha’s own practice over the years, wanting to explore a full practice that touched on many aspects of yoga at once in a way that felt fluid and nurturing, and she loves exploring this method with students, each time creating a unique experience based on the group and working with the energy in the room. This workshop will invite you to explore your inner world as well as feeling into your physical body and develop a deep connection and understanding of who you are.

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