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An NYC-inspired loft yoga studio in Dubai's Downtown / Business Bay Area. In an Urban setting, people practice yoga for many different reasons – to relax, to strengthen, to complement other fitness regimes or even simply to try something new – Urban Yoga is for yogis of all kinds. We have a passion for continued learning and growth. Urban Yoga provides anatomy-focused yoga instruction, which places the emphasis on your body and how to move it in way that will benefit you both physically and mentally. We believe:

• Personal well-being is both physical and mental – both need nurturing in a healthy lifestyle, and yoga helps with both

• Yoga is simple – do it, do it often and do it with the supervision of a qualified teacher

• The physical benefits of yoga are achieved when you practice regularly and with correct technical form • High-quality teaching is the root of an injury-free and rewarding practice

• Life is a learning process – in life and in yoga, you’ll never reach the top. Keep learning, keep improving.

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